What is it?

Truvía is an all natural sweetener that isn’t made up of all kinds of horrible chemicals like most sweeteners today. It’s made from the stevia plant which has been used for sweetening foods for hundreds of years. It has zero calories (unlike sugar) so you can feel better about using it in your everyday foods and beverages. Another great aspect to this product is that it’s safe for diabetics to use. They also have a baking blend which you can use in your baking to replace regular sugar.

My experience

I received this product complimentary to test through Influenster‘s VoxBox program. I have to say that I was very wary about trying this product. I don’t use sweeteners because I don’t really sweeten things all that often and I don’t like the fact that most of them are just full of chemicals. I’d rather just have sugar than risk it. However this is natural so I felt much better about it. I decided to try this both by itself and on my cereal. By itself I could definitely tell it was not sugar. It had a different texture to it and it seemed to dissolve on my tongue almost instantly. It also vaguely tasted different but it was not unpleasant. On my cereal, I could not tell the difference between it and sugar. It was great!

Final opinion

I think that Truvía is a great product.  However, I doubt I’ll be purchasing this product myself. Not because I didn’t like it but because I don’t really have much use for it personally. If you use sweetener all the time, I’d definitely switch to using Truvía. I feel like it’s much better for you and safer in the long run.